Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008...3:24 pm

At the 23rd April AGM NZRFU announced: ‘Win back the fans!’

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Here are the necessary steps. 

1)      Return the traditional rugby structure back into the game. See Foundation Posts and ‘My ELV Amendments’ on home page ( right hand side).

2)      Move south island games from 7.30pm during Jun/Aug to 5.00pm (or earlier).

3)      Re vamp the repetitive boring tri nations.

4)      Some how, make sure northern touring teams are at full strength.

5)      I guess it will happen (sad), and that’s a minor (amateur) and major (professional) rugby competitions that run side by side from March to June.

6)      International playing window. See post of the same name.

7)      3 months break from rugby on our screens (Dec to Feb).

8)     Ensure that the contest is 15 vs 15, unless extreme foul play has occurred, get smart like Rugby league and use the ‘player on report’ system. If a player is to leave the field use the 3rd Ref TV ability to make sure the decision is correct. Rugby is destroyed when it is reduced to a uneven contest, and referee’s are made to look stupid if a sending off is not legitimate.

9)     Make sure that each try is legitimate, get smart like rugby league (again) and have a look back for ‘forward passes’ and the ‘ball is in touch’ to confirm each try. TV replays can make the game look very stupid, cricket and rugby league is way ahead of rugby union on this issue.